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Feeling The Big Easy Updated Jan 29, 2013
Super Bowl XLVII's Media Day didn't disappoint, led by Michael Oher's candid chat, a cameo by Juan Castillo and a talkative Terrell Suggs. Don Banks recaps with Snap Judgments.
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  • LaMichael James: Chip Kelly’s offense is already working in the NFL Jan 29, 2013
    Some people doubt that new Eagles coach Chip Kelly can succeed in the NFL with the same kind of offense he ran at Oregon. But 49ers running back LaMichael James, who played for Kelly at Oregon, has news for those doubters: James says Kelly’s offense is
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  • Giants hope for 'Justin Tuck of old' Jan 29, 2013
    I never really bought into the late-season idea that Justin Tuck could be a New York Giants cap casualty. I know he was disappointing in 2012, and actually for most of 2011 as well. But especially with Osi Umenyiora almost certain to be gone, I think th…
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  • Inside the mind of Dan Snyder Jan 29, 2013
    Gary Myers' new book, Coaching Confidential, apparently contains a chapter that should be of great interest to Washington Redskins fans, as it sprung from an apparently lengthy interview with Redskins owner Dan Snyder. Gary got Snyder to talk to him abo…
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  • Alex Smith makes sense for Eagles Jan 29, 2013
    NEW ORLEANS -- Alex Smith, the backup quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, drew a good-sized crowd Tuesday at Super Bowl media day. Smith led his team to the brink of last year's Super Bowl and to a strong start this year before losing his job to the…
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  • Is Phil Costa a Cowboys keeper? Jan 29, 2013
    Yes, yes, I am aware and profoundly sorry that I have not updated the blog in more than seven hours. My excuse is that I was working Media Day as part of's Super Bowl coverage team. I hope you got to enjoy some of that coverage. But I owe you N…
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  • Chip Kelly’s quarterback vision may bode poorly for Vick Jan 29, 2013
    Eagles observers are currently in guessing-game mode about the future of the quarterback position under rookie coach Chip Kelly. Michael Vick is on the roster with a bloated, $15.5 million base salary. Nick Foles was a rookie in 2012, and his performanc…
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  • Source: Lazor bolts UVa staff to join Eagles' Jan 29, 2013
    Virginia offensive coordinator Bill Lazor will join Chip Kelly's Philadelphia Eagles staff as quarterbacks coach, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.
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  • After 6,899 Minutes Of Employment, Rob Ryan Is Out Of Work Again Jan 29, 2013
    On Jan. 24, the Rams hired Rob Ryan as their defensive coordinator. Ryan had been fired by the Cowboys on Jan. 8, and he had told Tim MacMahon that he'd be out of work for five minutes. More »
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  • Rob Ryan won’t be Rams defensive coordinator Jan 29, 2013
    Rob Ryan said it would take five minutes for him to land a new job after being fired as the Cowboys defensive coordinator, but the clock’s still ticking and Ryan still doesn’t have a job. The Rams announced on Twitter Tuesday that Ryan would not be th
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  • Breakfast links: McCoy 'deeply sorry' Jan 29, 2013
    NEW ORLEANS -- Greetings once again from the bayou, which is nowhere near NFC East country but still close enough to smell the links. Washington Redskins The guy who beat up Trent Williams in a Honolulu night club last week was the owner of the club. I …
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  • Steelers get permission to interview Redskins’ special-teams coach Jan 29, 2013
    With the Steelers’ special-teams coordinator heading to Arizona to join the former Steelers offensive coordinator who supposedly “retired” and who now serves as head coach of the Cardinals, the Steelers need a new special-teams coordinator. They pos
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  • Video - Rams Will Not Hire Rob Ryan 01:02

    Rams Will Not Hire Rob Ryan

    Jan 29
    Adam Schefter discusses the Rams' reversal on Rob Ryan as defensive coordinator.