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Damian Lillard hits game-winning 3-pointer to push Trail Blazers past Hornets (VIDEO) Updated Dec 17, 2012
Sure, that nationally-televised-coming-out-party that Damian Lillard had last Thursday night against the San Antonio Spurs was nice and all, but you know what it was missing? A game-winning shot. I mean, a 29-7-6 against a Western Conference powerhouse …
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  • Vasquez, Hornets tip Rockets to win third straight Dec 10, 2012
    Vasquez, Hornets tip Rockets to win third straight
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  • Trollface And Pedobear Decided To Take In Yesterday's Rockets-Raptors Game Dec 17, 2012
    While the Portland Trail Blazers have proven time and again to have the NBA's weirdest fans (though OKC is quickly contesting that title), you'll occasionally see some wackiness up north at Air Canada Centre. After all, you'd have to have a few screws l…
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