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49ers seek a 2nd option at wide receiver Updated Feb 7, 2013
49ers seek a 2nd option at wide receiver Is it any wonder Colin Kaepernick's final three passes of the Super Bowl were intended for Michael Crabtree, the only wideout with more than 42 catches in the regular season? A year after the 49ers placed the wid…
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  • Kaepernick celebrates Super season with a new tattoo Feb 7, 2013
    The guy from Sporting News whose whining wasn’t sufficiently compelling to get me to remember his name will have another Colin Kaepernick tattoo about which to whine. Via, the 49ers starting quarterback has capped a special season with a new
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  • Jim Harbaugh: A penalty is a penalty on the first play or the last play Feb 7, 2013
    After the officials did not call pass interference against Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith on the 49ers’ final offensive play of the Super Bowl, many observers who agreed with the non-call said that in a key play with the championship on the line, the off
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  • Inside the Huddle: Precedent for a PI call Feb 7, 2013
    San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, frustrated over the absence of a late pass-interference call in Super Bowl XLVII, might not embrace a stat ESPN's John Clayton dug up for his latest "Inside the Huddle" video (above). I can help on that …
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  • Rewriting History: Now that 2012 is wrapped, we have some perspectiv… Feb 7, 2013
    Now that 2012 is wrapped, we have some perspective on last season's rookies. If teams could do the first round over again, who would they draft? Don Banks has the answer.
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  • Don Banks: Taking a second look at 2012 NFL Draft's first round Feb 7, 2013
    With the Super Bowl in the books, we can now stand clear enough to view the NFL's 2012 season through the prism of history, all 267 games worth (256 in the regular season and 11 in the playoffs). Before looking ahead to 2013, let's look back one last ti…
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  • Flacco urged teammates on sidelines to tackle Ted Ginn Feb 7, 2013
    If 49ers return specialist Ted Ginn Jr. had managed to break through the Baltimore coverage on the free kick that ended Super Bowl XLVII, Ginn may have needed an escort from his entire family to get to the end zone. Via Deadspin, NFL Films audio from th…
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  • Joe Flacco told teammates to tackle Ted Ginn from the sideline during Super Bowl free kick return Feb 7, 2013
    It's a good thing that Joe Flacco has made himself into an "elite" (and soon to be very highly-paid) quarterback, because the Baltimore Ravens signal-caller and Super Bowl MVP needs a lot of work as a special teams coach. With four seconds lef…
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  • John Harbaugh told his staff Ray Lewis couldn’t cover Davis, Crabtree

    During the Super Bowl, Ravens coach John Harbaugh told his assistant coaches that they needed to make sure their defensive calls didn’t leave linebacker Ray Lewis covering 49ers tight end Vernon Davis or receiver Michael Crabtree over the middle. The 49
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  • 2013 Kiper mock 2.0: 49ers thoughts Feb 7, 2013
    Mel Kiper Jr. is back with his second 2013 NFL mock draft for the first round. We'll run through the projected picks for NFC West teams, beginning in reverse order and working our way forward. I'll include snippets from Kiper's analysis, followed by my …
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  • The Shutdown Corner Interview: Joe Montana Feb 7, 2013
    When it comes to playing quarterback in the Super Bowl, who would you rather talk to than Joe Montana? Shutdown Corner had that exact opportunity this week, as Joe Cool sat down to talk with us about a number of subjects -- the evolution of the quarterb…
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  • Walker's uncle, aunt killed; driver held Feb 7, 2013
    Walker's uncle, aunt killed; driver held Alice and Bryan Young, the aunt and uncle of 49ers tight end Delanie Walker, were killed in a car accident by a suspected drunken driver early Monday morning outside New Orleans after attending the Super Bowl. Wa…
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  • Video - Inside the Huddle: Super Bowl Red Zone, Refs, Stats and Tackles 02:06

    Inside the Huddle: Super Bowl Red Zone, Refs, Stats and Tackles

    Feb 7
    Inside the Huddle reveals Super Bowl secrets: Kaepernick's red zone playoff stats, officials in denial over defensive holding calls, the increase in Super Bowl scoring production and what will happen to all those left tackles who are now free agents?
  • Video - 49ers' Chances To Win Super Bowl 01:54

    49ers' Chances To Win Super Bowl

    Feb 7
    Merril Hoge discusses the 49ers' chances of winning the Super Bowl next season.