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After sliding to round five, Richard Sherman vowed to “destroy”…

After sliding to round five, Richard Sherman vowed to “destroy” the league Updated Dec 11, 2012
As Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman becomes more and more popular and respected and recognized for his stellar play, his motivation comes from a place where plenty of great players have found that thing that coaxes a high level of performance. A draf…
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Sports Columnists

  • Alabama's Nick Saban to Cleveland Browns doesn't add up

    Dec 11
    Having experienced the unique pressures of the NFL, why would Nick Saban vacate his Alabama throne for Cleveland?
  • NBA oddsmakers - Mavs, Celtics, Spurs, Jazz

    Dec 11
    Our panel predicts 2012-13 outcomes based on each team's current Hollinger Playoff Odds.
  • Peter King: Tagliabue ruling points finger at Saints organization, coaches

    Dec 11
    In vacating the 31 games' worth of player suspensions and fines handed to four players over the Saints' bounty sanctions, former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue today, in effect, slammed the Saints' coaching staff and organization for the existence of a…
  • Peter King: Texans, Falcons ugly losses give Super Bowl race wide-open fee…

    Dec 11
    Not too excited about the top seeds in the NFC and AFC, are you, in the wake of bad losses by the Falcons and Texans in Week 14? There's a reason. Atlanta and Houston are clearly vulnerable entering the last three weeks of the regular season.