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Niners are in position to dominate the draft, and the NFL Updated Feb 27, 2013
Three years ago, former Eagles coach Andy Reid fleeced the Redskins for a second-round pick for quarterback Donovan McNabb.  Now, it looks like Reid could be the fleecee. Regardless of whether Alex Smith works out better for the Chiefs than McNabb did f…
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  • The Redskins’ season ticket pitch Feb 27, 2013
    I think a lot of us assumed that a division title plus RGIII plus a smaller FedEx Field meant Redskins season tickets would be in short supply in 2013. And maybe that will prove to be the case. But that … Continue reading →
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  • Delay could hurt a Redskins lawsuit Feb 27, 2013
    On Monday, a report surfaced that the Redskins could file a lawsuit against the league challenging the lingering $18 million in cap penalties.  As shocking as that prospect would be standing alone, the report also suggested that the Redskins could seek …
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  • Report: Alexander rejected Skins' first offer

    There was a report the other day that the Washington Redskins were putting talks with their own free agents on hold while they continued to pursue relief from their salary-cap penalties. But it turns out they are negotiating. Just not to great effect. J…
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  • Breakfast links: What's next for Fred Davis? Feb 27, 2013
    Washington Redskins Tight end Fred Davis has made a rapid recovery from his Achilles injury and has been cleared to play. The question now is whether he can or will play for the Redskins, who have some tough choices to make as they negotiate their cap p…
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  • Video - London Fletcher weighs in on RG3 injury 02:36

    London Fletcher weighs in on RG3 injury

    Feb 27
    Washington Redskins linebacker London Fletcher joins "NFL Total Access" to discuss Mike Shanahan, Robert Griffin III and the team's biggest competition in the NFC East.